Instagram: @cherrishthedoll

Instagram: @cherrishthedoll

Check out my blog for my shoe wish list! I bet you’ll like it too! Visit…♥/

Check out my blog for my shoe wish list! I bet you’ll like it too! Visit…♥/

Follow me on Instagram @cherrishthedoll

Follow me on Instagram @cherrishthedoll

street style

street style


  Oh Hello there! Finally! It was like ages ago since I last blogged! So here is a short summary of my ootds and what I did last May! Yes, I know it’s June already but I wanted to blog a little bit Sum-May-ry because I miss blogging that much!

There were lots of stuff happened during May. Summer days, I got a regular job, spent my time training for tourneys, trips, my motherly time for my daughter and some priorities that has to be done. Actually it was a zigzag these past few months! That’s basically the reason why I wasn’t able to blog although I had quick updates and posts on my other social networking sites. As you notice the photos below are taken from my Iphone not on my Canon because hunny bunny left for a month which is my ultimate photographer, so just to take a quick snapshots of my ootds I just used my phone and some shots are not that bad! 

A comfy laidback summer look!

Baby Blue Haler Crop Top c/o Goodstuff4you & Denim shorts c/o Chinova


Daisies remind me of Spring! They’re so cute to wear!

Daisy tee c/o Romwe & High waisted denim shorts c/o Soigne Couture


Dainty floral look which I wore at work. 

Cardigan c/o Chicnova, Floral blouse c/o Romwe


         Swimsuit c/o Romwe

        A dip in the pool with girlfriends are a must for summer!


 Watermelon Tee c/o Romwe

and oh yes! I get to dye my hair! Yay! I guess I noticed that my hair is too black and it needs a little change. I loved the color! :)

Anyways, I love to write more but I told you I already got a job! I pat myself on the back! It’s crazy how I manage my time for my family, work, my sport and blogging. Sometimes I think that sleep wasn’t a necessity at all! Sigh* So many things to do, so little time…

I don’t give a






Snapback cap and Cropped Shirt from Romwe

First of all, sorry for the word that should have been censored. I don’t usually say curse or foul languages like these but this snapback cap with the F word just totally rocks my outfit! It’s good to be bad at times you know.

I totally dig the palm trees print on my cropped t-shirt, it simply shows the summer vibe! 

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Beanie c/o Chicnova, Plaid Top c/o RipplesbyJenny

Plaid and pleated skirt basically means a preppy get-up but not to look so geeky, I put on my beanie and my light denim jacket tied up on my waist. Imagine Clueless but with a punk rock twist!

Which simply reminds me of my young childhood days wherein 11 o’ clock in the evening was a late time already back when I usually spent my time watching Nickolodeon shows like All that, Rocko’s Modern Life, Amanda Show and Legends of the Hidden Temple and so lot’s more! Gosh, I miss those shows! I think I should download them and watch it with my daughter soon! Okay, something to add up on my list to do! :)

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I scream!






          Marilyn Monroe Crop top c/o Goodstuff4you

My belly’s is getting a bit bigger I know, for some fitness obsessed freaks who might see this photos. Haha. But it’s really not that bad for me! Though it really feels bloated nowadays. I couldn’t blame myself if I choose Pizza or any junkfoods over sweat. A girls gonna eat if she really wants too! Wouldn’t starve myself if I really am drooling for an Ice cream or Fast foods! :)

In fact while blogging and typing this, I am enjoying eating this filipino dessert called Banana Con Hielo. It’s like crushed ice with milk and sweetened bananas, a classic fave! Sorry, I think I just typed food too much.

Let’s go on with my outfit, so lovin this Marilyn Monroe turtle neck like crop top. I like its fit on me, paired it with a nice pair of jeans to make it look balanced and not to show skin too much. If the has been weather get’s cold it would also be nice to put on some leather jacket, but sadly weather recently has been so hot and leathers and furs would be set aside for a while now. Better put out all my peek a boo muscle tees, crops, florals, denim shorts, sunnies, etc.. Scream Summer!!! 

Walking on Sunshine





Sunnies c/o Giant Vintage,Sunflower shirt & leatherette shorts c/o Ripples By Jenny

Spring/Summer outfit are just my favorite! I miss wearing floral prints and dainty dresses. From daisies, roses, sunflowers… They are just so lovely! Recently, I just want to splurge on some florals!

Today, while typing my blog post, I am catching up  episodes of PLL! (Pretty Little Liars) I just got obsessed with it again! What are your favorite series to watch nowadays? I also love TWD and Breaking Bad. 

Let’s go on with what I’m wearing, I am wearing a sunflowers print long-sleeved shirt which is really stylish and comfy. I paired it with a leatherette shorts which I think that it’s a really a must-have! It’s just adds an elegant look on anything thing, don’t you think? :)

Scream Summer





Beanie c/o Chicnova, NYC Crop Top c/o Romwe

Oh I can finally feel it’s summer already here in our country! Better to prepare my bod for the bikini and crop top season! I have been working out to gain weight and to bring out my abs. I don’t do it for the reason to look hot though, it’s just a plus I guess hihi but I wanted to because for me to be strong and I kind of need it for my sport because I think I’m just too skinny and I need to build some muscles.

I just can’t wait to go to the beach with family & friends! There’s a lot in store for me this summer!!! Hope you will have a great one too! :)

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     Knitted Cardigan & Denim shorts c/o Romwe,brown tanktop from            RunwayDoll Shop

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